An Overview of CCTV

CCTV, closed circuit television, is a system that uses video cameras to feed images that are monitored from a centralized control room. The main purpose behind a CCTV camera system is security and surveillance. Businesses, banks, malls, casinos, shopkeepers and even home owners use a CCTV system to protect their property from misdoings and criminal activities.

One can find CCTV cameras in public places and roads that are monitored by the police to control misbehavior in public. Businesses use surveillance systems to keep an eye on employees. Casinos, malls, and banks also use this system to protect its money from theft. Homeowners use CCTV to keep the intruders out and to keep an eye on their kids, elders and other family members.

CCTV Technology

The technology in the field of surveillance has improved a lot. From one monitor for one camera, it has improved to a single monitor for all cameras. Also, from being a crude, noticeable, black and white camera, you now have CCTVs with motion sensors, color details and digital video recorders (DVRs). Also, CCTV systems have advanced to the level that now you can monitor your security system from anywhere in the world via Internet.

Remember to relax once your CCTV is installed.

Remember to relax once your CCTV is installed.

Types of CCTV

  • Technologically – analogue and digital.
  • Wiring – wireless and wired
  • Structure – fixed cameras or PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)
  • Color – black & white or color
  • Design – big box type or small bullet type (and many other designs)

Benefits of CCTV

CCTVThe foremost advantage of a CCTV system is providing safety and security to people and places. Prospective criminals avoid breaking into places that have a surveillance system in place. And in case of CCTVs, they even fear it more because they do not want to be recorded doing the crime. Even if they are successful in the crime, they can easily be caught and charged against. Law and order is also in place where CCTVs are present in public areas. Traffic can be monitored properly with the help of this system.

Other benefits of a CCTV are business owners can keep an eye on their employees; schools can monitor the behavior of their students, parents can keep a tab on their children at home and all places can keep a tab on the people coming in and going out of the place.


CCTV being used extensively and almost everywhere has raised the concern regarding privacy. Many people feel that their privacy is invaded due to CCTV systems installed in public areas. Also, in residential areas where one person installs a video surveillance system, especially facing the road, then the neighbors complain that even their private activities get recorded. Thus, privacy infringement is a major concern when using CCTV.

Though the positives of CCTV are much higher its negatives cannot be completely ignored. However, the surveillance system can be managed around to ensure that another’s privacy is not invaded. In the current world, where the crime rates are soaring, it is an absolute necessity to have a CCTV system both for your business and for your home. Securing life and property is first priority.

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