InGrid SK803IG Alarm Review

Another day another alarm review and this time we are going to be getting stuck right into the InGrid SK803IG alarm review.  Why these alarm companies insist on the driest product names is beyond us, we are patiently waiting for the “Proctor Zap!” or the “Skylink Mega Siren!”.  Something tells us that we shall be waiting patiently for many moons yet to come.

Terrible product naming aside, it wasn’t actually that long ago we did our last review.  If you missed that it was the GE 45142 Choice Alert and we were rather impressed by it.  So the InGrid has a lot to live up to if it is to keep the good alarm reviews light burning, how will it fair?  Read on young ones and you shall find out.

If you are a regular reader of Cool Home Security then please call the doctor, there is something very, very wrong with you.  You will also know that we are the harshest alarm critics in the solar system and we test and test again pretty much every aspect of the alarms we test.

This is good for a few reasons namely that it allows you guys to make a more educated decision instead of allowing the terrible alarm manufacturers product description lie to you.  So well done you regular reader, pat yourself on the back before you call the authorities.

No let’s get stuck into what the InGrid SK803IG alarm review and find out what it can do and figure out if this nifty device is indeed that … nifty!

We have to hold our hands up; this alarm system kit is quite cool.  In actual fact, it’s more than that, its borderline next generation tech we are witnessing with this home security product.  Don’t believe us?  Well tough!  No not really, we shall explain all.

We Were Impressed With The Ingrid SK803IG

To begin with we were more impressed with this security device than the majority of most professionally installed home security, impressive stuff no doubt.  It is also one of the most durable alarm systems we have seen this year.

With all our alarms we test it for breakages and try some impact trauma on it too (That’s right, we hit it with a hammer and see if it breaks).  For anyone considering the InGrid you will be glad to hear that it was like trying to break into a walnut with candy floss.  Try as we may, we simply could not destroy this thing.

InGrid SK803IG Wireless Home Security AlarmThis is a good thing when you consider that the thief usually has two options when a home alarm goes off.  They either run away with their tail between their legs or they try and physically break the system.  If any thief tried the latter they would find themselves on the receiving end of a losing battle.

The usability of the InGrid SK803IG was quite impressive too.  We were able to seamlessly connect the device during our InGrid SK803IG alarm review to more than one of the usual suspects.  Once connected to a cordless telephone, mobile phone or even a remote web browser such as Internet Explorer or the popular (and simply better) Firefox.  Once connected we never had any issues with basic operation.

That’s the thing with this wireless home security alarm system, it simply works.  We had an idea it would after the initial “durability test”.  All round it’s a pretty solid performance from InGrid, and we will hold our hands up we honestly thought we wouldn’t see eye to eye with this alarm when we first read its technical specification.

Well to be honest it wasn’t its tech specs that bothered us too much, yes they aren’t the greatest of reading when you consider the other so called “power house” alarms on the market today.  No, our biggest gripe with this alarm was yes you guessed it, monthly fee!

In their defence it does come with a 30 day money back guarantee but gee whiz do we hate the monthly fee alarm systems.  We have mentioned it before, these payment plans will soon be a thing of the past as no home owner in their right mind will opt for a monthly contract when they can find devices these days that are more than capable of taking full control of their home security at an absolute fraction of the price.

Anyway, enough about that.  What was the alarm like to set up?  We hear you scream from the rooftops.  Well it was … OK, we at Cool Home Security are a bunch of professionals who have been in the security industry quite some time.  In fact many of us read user manuals for breakfast.

We do however have to consider the way a normal more wholesome human being would read these manuals and when we were reading the user manual for the InGrid alarm.  We have a slight idea that some would struggle.

Some serious tech jargon to be found in the instructions.  A breeze to super professional folk like us but for 70 year old Miss Flanagan may be problematic.

Thankfully, if they were to get over the slight alarm system geek speak found in the set up, the average person shouldn’t have too much of a problem in getting this sweet piece of anti theft protection up and running and catching those criminals in no time.

To wrap up, we were really surprised with this security device.  Pleasantly so.  Yes there were a few minor issues with the set up for novices but we are slightly nitpicking with that gripe.

If you are in need of an affordable home security system then the InGrid SK803IG might be right up your street.  Of course when we say affordable, we mean affordable in the respect of all other monthly fee alarms.

We of course always recommend going for a wireless home security system that requires only a one off payment.  Hopefully with our recommendations companies who charge monthly fees will think twice about their business model.  This can only be a good thing for consumers of security products in the future.  Now, our rating?  The InGrid SK803IG alarm review gets a safe 8 out of 10!

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