Put Together a Cheap Home Security System Yourself

A good home security system is probably on top of every home owner’s mind. However, the huge cost involved in buying a security system generally deters many from investing in this essential item. Here is good news for people on tight budgets – you can save money by putting together a cheap home security system yourself. These systems will provide you enough protection by warning you about any unwanted intruders.

Pre-requisites for a Cheap Home Security System

Get the Basics Right – First and foremost, you should look at the basic security that you can ensure without any security system. Repair any broken windows, replace weak doors and apply dead bolts wherever possible. These measures will cost less than applying security instruments on doors and windows.

Next, find out the vulnerable spots in your home which can be easily accessed from outside. You should try to protect these areas first rather than spending money on all areas of your house. You can always buy extra security equipment later.

Spend Time on doing Good Research – Spend good time in finding the right deals for various security equipments online as well as in general stores. Most basic security tools are not as expensive as you might feel. Do not buy kits with add-on features which unnecessarily increase the cost. Smoke detectors and fire alarms can be purchased later.

Find Installation Guides – To avoid any damage to the equipment, study the installation guides properly. In case, you bought equipment from a garage sale and there are no installation guides, you can find them on the net.

Tips to Save Cost on Security System

  1. Buy wired devices as cost very less as compared to wireless devices. Compare cost of wireless devices with the cost of purchasing wires for wired devices before choosing between wired and wireless systems.
  2. Use motion detectors which are cheaper than other security devices. These devices either set off alarms or switch on lights which are sufficient to warn you or your neighbours.
  3. If you want to install cameras, save money by purchasing inexpensive security cameras. You can also buy second-hand cameras. Install dummy cameras at less vulnerable places as their mere presence can deter many burglars.
  4. Connect your cameras to an existing source, a computer or a TV rather than buying additional screens. An old VCR can come handy for recording footage when you are not at home.
  5. Use timed devices that switches on certain lights for specified times when you are not at home. They are cheap and can create a false impression of your presence when you are actually not inside your home.
  6. Look for a good do-it-yourself beginner’s kit and save money on installation cost.

While buying equipments for a cheap home security system, make sure that you do not compromise on quality as any bad equipment can defeat the purpose of your entire security system and will not provide you any value for your money.

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