Best Light Bulb Security Camera

One of the most common concerns that people is the security of their house or office, especially when they are going away!  That is why it will be better to look for the best security camera that will include different features such as night vision, sound alarms, and a lot more features that make it safe for your house.

However, if you are thinking of buying a security camera, then this guide, will definitely help you in knowing about that. With this light bulb security camera review, you will get better ideas. So, let’s just take a look over here and find a perfect option for the camera!

OLTEC Light Camera Security

Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews
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OLTEC Light Camera security is an excellent 360o angle of view with zero blind spots. It has a fish eye lens that gives you a super wide-angle view, and there is no blind spot. It is a great option that one can have where you can see everything at a given time.

The device records clear and crisp images and videos with 1080p from the hidden camera with a motion detection function! Unlike any other type of hidden camera, this light camera does not require any assembling, so better click here and get it now!

OLTEC Light Camera security is a mash-up of creativity and technology that comes with 1080p full HD imaging technology that comes in complete HD clarity. It is a spy camera that will give you the easiest way of keeping you aware of everything inside your house when you are away.


  • Fast, simple, and easy connectivity with Wi-Fi
  • Have a motion detection function with push alerts
  • 1080- full HD image recording, which you can store in the in-built SD Card
  • 360-degree angle view 


  • Does not have internal memory
  • Motion Detection Function 
  • The spy camera comes with a motion detection function that will give you live footage of the person from the light bulb that has a hidden camera inside it. 

The light bulb security camera has an in-built motion detection feature, which detects movements and will send you a push alert on your phone. It is a great option that will allow you to watch the footage instantly.

With this feature, you will know if any unusual activity is happening inside your house. You will get a notification and check the footage. 

Two-way Communication 

The device also offers you two-way communication, which means you can talk with the other person through your phone. 

The security camera will be equipped with a built-in speaker and mic. You can just talk and listen to the baby, pet, or courier through the porch camera. 

It is a great way through which you can talk with your pet when you are not at home and even give a message to the people in the house if you are not able to get in contact with them.

OFYOO Light Bulb Security Camera

OFYOO Light Bulb Security Camera
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OFYOO Light Bulb Security Camera is the perfect option that you can have that gives you the clear vision that comes with full HD 1080P resolution! The camera has a 360 light bulb which also has a 355o pan, which you can control the application. This device does come with wireless and easy installation, which is quite easy to use. 

This camera is perfect for people who are away from their house or have to stay out all day but have pets or kids at home.

The security camera comes equipped with a built-in speaker and mic from which you can warn unwanted guests to enter a particular area! The camera is high in quality and also supports Alexa. 

OFYOO light bulb security camera is a device that one can use to record everything inside the house and is perfect for people who do not always stay at home. The camera comes with a highly sensitive motion sensor. You can connect the camera to Wi-Fi when you use the moving object, and it will record the moving picture and will notify you through the app to avoid any danger.


  • No more extra installation, as it can be assembled so easily
  • 2-way audio and can be controlled through the application
  • Motion detection and providing real-time alerts
  • Supports Alexa and many other high-quality services


  • It may not be water-resistance 

Wireless and Easy Installation 

The light bulb security camera can be installed with the normal E27 bulb base (110V~240V). It does not require any extra installation steps; you need to connect that wireless camera to the router. It is quite easy for you to use and change the light bulb.

You can just get the camera and assemble it easily, as it will not take much time of yours. It is quite easy to set up this wireless camera within just a few minutes of the operations. 

It will help in saving a lot of your time, and even when you connect this to the router, it will take a lot of time. Using this is quite easy as changing the bulb. 

1080P HD & Pan Tilt

OFYOO light bulb security camera is for home security where you can get a clear vision of the camera at any time, it also comes with full HD 1080p resolution. You can do this as it can pan and tile to different ranges and be controlled through an application.

The features offer you a clear version as it has a 360 light bulb camera which comes with a 355o pan and tilt of about 85o that ranges to achieve the 360-degree view with the help of an application without the blind spots.

It is a great device that comes with wireless security that comes in full HD 1080p resolution, which means you can get the best picture and get a crystal-clear view.  

OLTEC Light Bulb Camera Security 3MP Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Bulb

OLTEC Light Bulb Camera Review
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OLTEC Light bulb camera security with 3MP comes with the home security IP camera with zero blind spots. It is a 360-degree PTZ Bulb camera that comes with a light camera which offers you a superior view. It also records clear and crisp images or videos that will also show you even the small details.

Moreover, it also has motion detection functions with push alerts and gives you the easiest way to keep it known while you are away. It has fast, simple, and easy connectivity through your phone. The overall rating of the product is 4.1, and that makes it better. Having this camera will make your life much more convenient, so instead of waiting, grab the offer and buy it now! 

OLTEC light bulb camera will be the one that is quite easy to have real-time viewing with several different features. You need to keep yourself alerted if there is any potential danger that may occur in your yard/ home/ office or any other place. It also has cloud storage and micro-SSD, which can be used to store videos.


  • Real-time alert
  • Offers 1080p resolution 
  • Pan and tilt features
  • Two-way communication 
  • Support both Android and iOS


  • It may not connect with the phone easily.

ZERO Blind Spots

The device offers you zero blind spots as it comes with the pan and tilt option that will give you a better view and a while to look over the property. It has a super wide-angle view that does not have any blind spots. 

As mentioned above, it has a pan and tilt option where the camera may move 360-degree PTZ, which will keep your property under surveillance. 

Using this camera benefits you a lot as it gives you a view of the whole room, which will be completely clear so you can keep an eye on everything.

Night Vision 

Another exciting feature about choosing the light bulb security camera is that it also provides you with the best night vision. It means no matter how dark the environment you are in; this will work for you!

It has a lens that works best even at night and will give you a clear view. So, if you are lying on your bed at night and want to check outside, then this camera will give you the best view.

Having night vision benefits you the most because intruders usually come in at night, which is why it can prove quite beneficial. 

Bihlra 2-Pack Light Bulb Camera

Bihlra 2-Pack Light Bulb Camera Reviews
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Bihlra 2-pack light bulb camera is a great device suitable for the ordinary E27 lamp with a head installation of 110 V~240V. The camera supports remote viewing on Windows, Android, and iPhone. The device has a simple interface and even controls the viewing angles of the camera via an application to get 360-degree viewing which comes with the blind spot.

It is a powerful camera that you can choose to have clear images even if there is complete darkness. It supports cloud storage and micro-SD card storage with 2 32 GB and also supports 7 days of video storage. The overall rating that most people have given is 3.2 and if you find it interesting and thinking of purchasing it then this can be the best choice!

Bihlra 2 pack light bulb camera is the technical team and is committed to the research that has excellent stability, functionality, and ease of use. It works in both day and night mode auto switch even in the darkness the light bulb camera will return clear images. 


  • Easy install and is suitable for the ordinary E27 lamp head
  • Provide you clear images even when it is completely dark
  • It does support cloud storage and micro-SD card storage 
  • Quite easy to operate  


  • Not able to connect the camera to the phone easily

Easy to Operate

The light bulb camera application comes with a simple interface and also supports remote viewing on Android, iPhone, and Windows anytime, anywhere. It is a powerful device that comes with clear images even when you are using it in complete darkness.  You can even control the viewing angle of the camera through the application.

When it comes to a light bulb then that will give you a clear image that even detects the movement of the objects after you connect it to the internet you just need to download the app and connect it with the camera. 

Most of the time when you use the camera, then you may not be able to use it because you do not even know how to operate it. however, when you use this camera then everything will become so smooth as it is quite easy to install and operate.

Smart Storage

The light bulb security camera supports cloud storage and micro-SD card storage that comes with 2 32 GB micro-SD cards. You can store the video for about 7 days and you can play it anytime and anywhere. This can be a great option where you can download and save the videos.

This is the smart storage that also supports the SD card that you can use to play anytime and anywhere. 

You may require a proper storage facility because then only you can work better and you will not have to transfer the data from the card. 


Hopefully, from this light bulb security camera review, you may have got an idea that you can find different types of security cameras. It is essential for you to have one that comes with all the features that is required. If you are thinking of getting one, then this can be a great opportunity for you, so check out the options and buy now to enjoy their exciting features.

People Also Ask

How do light bulb security cameras work?

Light bulb security cameras work by combining the functionality of a traditional light bulb with a built-in camera, enabling you to monitor your home or office discreetly.

Can light bulb security cameras be used outdoors?

Some light bulb security cameras are specifically designed for outdoor use, while others are more suitable for indoor settings.

Do I need professional installation for a light bulb security camera?

Most light bulb security cameras are designed for easy installation and come with detailed instructions. However, if you’re not comfortable with electrical wiring or need assistance mounting the camera, you may want to consider professional installation.

How do I store footage from my light bulb security camera?

Most light bulb security cameras come with cloud storage options or allow you to store footage locally on a microSD card. Some models may also offer both options.

Are light bulb security cameras secure from hacking?

Like any internet-connected device, light bulb security cameras are vulnerable to hacking if not properly secured. Make sure to choose a camera with advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and regular software updates to minimize the risk of hacking.

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