How Long Does The Average Security Camera Store Footage?

Due to the increase in crime, people have installed an item called a security camera. This invention of science has helped a lot of people from big losses. These losses range mainly from theft and robbery. This invention, known as the security camera, is easily available at any big store in a big city. Although these are a bit expensive to install, however, the benefit that these give you are beyond any cost. However, with time, certain complaints have been regarding footage stored in these cameras. Let us investigate the details of the question, which is commonly asked, like how long does the average security camera store footage?

How is the video stored in a security camera? 

Although our topic for today is how long security camera store footage, let us look into the background of how the footage is stored.  First, one must know what type of video is stored in the camera. Security cameras are used to record videos, take pictures, etc. These security cameras use different kinds of methods to store the footage. For example, servers, SD cards, hard drives, and cloud storage. 

SD card storage 

SD card is a storage type used as an external source. Every security camera has certain storage in which it stores its storage; however, this storage runs out at a certain time. After that, you’ll have to buy an SD card for more space. SD cards are mostly used as a backup source for most security cameras. 

Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage is another alternative method for storing footage in your security camera. This adds further storage capacity to your hard drive. However, this kind of storage capacity requires a stable internet connection. Once you have access to the internet, you’ll easily store footage. 

Server Storage 

Servers are probably the most common type of storage used by most people. This external storage device can be stored outside, which means it can be stored away from your business or workplace. It would be best to place this server somewhere safe to avoid theft and other problems. 

Whatever type of storage you opt for, there will come a certain point where your camera will delete the old storage. The question, however, remains on average: How long does this footage last in your camera? Well, this question will be answered in the next few paragraphs.

Amount of storage each security camera has. 

The amount of storage that a camera has depends on many factors that need to be considered before deciding on additional storage. The first factor to consider is the number of cameras installed in your workspace. If you have a high number of cameras installed, then it is likely that you are going to have a lot of storage to keep your camera footage. Secondly, the other important factor that should be kept in mind before deciding how much storage you have is the type of storage you’re using. If you’re using a simple kind of server, then it is likely that you’ll have fewer amounts of space available. However, if you’re going for cloud storage, you might have more space. 

It all depends on the amount of storage you’ll need in the future. If you have a bug business and you’ll likely be expanding, then you must get additional storage beforehand when buying a security camera. However, if you’re installing these cameras in your home, there won’t be any need for excess storage as you would have less footage. 

Let us now finally answer the question of the average period in which the footage is present in a security camera. This can be answered in several ways. The first and foremost step that needs to be observed is whether you have excess space left in your hard drive. If you have a big hard drive, then it is likely that your old footage would be present in your camera for months and nothing would happen to it. The excess capacity has allowed the old storage to remain safe inside the server. However, if your hard drive runs out of space, then it is likely that your older footage will get deleted, as the new ones would have to enter the server. It is advisable to know the amount of storage a security camera can store. This can be distributed into many categories as the cameras have different storage capacities and store footage at different periods. 

How can one determine how much storage a security camera keeps on average? Let us discuss them in detail. 

Amount of footage a security camera keeps 

The amount of footage kept by each security camera differs from each other. It is because each camera is built differently. Let us look into the different types of cameras with different footage storage capacities. 

Home Security Camera 

These small cameras don’t have that much capacity to store a lot of footage and can only store for up to 7-14 days of storage. Once you feel like the footage will exceed the capacity, you must transfer the footage to another device, or you might lose your important footage. 

Hotel Cameras 

These cameras are designed in a manner in which they can store footage for about 1-3 months. Hotels are very sensitive places where footage is important for the owners of that place. These footage are being monitored daily by the security team, and hence the slightest bit of loss of footage might lead to problems for the hotel. 

Factory Cameras 

The security cameras installed in this place are highly advanced and have large storage capacities. This means that these cameras can store a large number of footage for longer periods. In places like factories, thousands of workers go and come out of the factory and hence need to be monitored. Sometimes, there is a need to monitor a specific person, so old footages come in handy. Therefore, these cameras can store footage for 3-4 months on average. 

Bank Cameras

These cameras are the ones with the highest storage capacity. These security cameras can store footage for up to 1 year!! This is because banks have different kinds of people coming in, robbers entering the premises, and inflow/outflow of cash that needs to be monitored. Each footage is under observation for days to avoid the slightest bit of mishap. 

In the end, the average number of footage stored by any security camera depends on the hard drive kept by the owner. 


The above details defined by the author are how the security cameras store footage and, on average, how long they keep the footage with themselves. The answer to this question depended on the different circumstances. One needs to have a full amount of knowledge before getting security cameras installed. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you might end up installing the wrong camera in the wrong place and then face repercussions. Hence it is advisable to do some proper research.

I hope you mind the above details enough to carry out your decision about security cameras and each camera’s ability to store the footage. Just remember that you should keep in mind the place and environment where you’re planning to install these cameras.

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