How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras?

Do you have home security cameras installed in your houses to monitor activities and prevent security breaches from happening? If yes, do you ever turn off those security cameras, or you’ve forgotten about that?! Well, if you don’t know how to turn off home security cameras, then you have landed on the perfect article to get to know how to turn off security cameras. So, stay with us and walk through the end of this article.

Why do You Have To Turn Off Home Security Cameras?

So, in the past few years, security cameras have been increasingly installed in every other house. That is because security breaches are on the rise, and homeowners are extremely concerned about their safety and properties. Studies have shown that homeowners mostly install home security cameras to avoid property, money, and jewelry theft.  But unfortunately, some people are misusing home security cameras by spying on their neighbors through the camera. If you are one of those bad guys, we request you to stop immediately because not only it is a breach of privacy but it is highly unethical and unfair! Not only that, some people are so evil that they record other people (without consent) through security cameras and then upload their videos on the internet! 

This comes under cyberbullying and is even banned in some countries of the world; however, some people are extremely rigid and stubborn that they still don’t stop! Some countries even have really strict policies to punish people who are guilty of breaching other people’s privacy.  To avoid people from spying on you while you’re in your house, you must turn off home security cameras. If you get to know that your neighbors are spying on you, you will want to turn off their security cameras.

How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras?

Now you know why sometimes it is important to turn off security cameras. Below we have discussed 6 easy ways with which you can turn off security cameras to prevent people from spying on you! 

1. By Using a Laser Pointer

By using infrared lasers or laser pointers you can disrupt and turn off surveillance cameras. This method has been very common among people to stop people from spying on them. It is also one of the easiest methods to turn off security cameras. All you have to do is take the infrared laser and direct it toward the camera lens, and there you go; the camera will be turned off. However, if you direct the laser for a very long time, there’s a high chance that it will eventually damage the camera lens.

To use this method, the camera lens must be directly facing you so you can point the laser directly at it. Also, note that you should wear a mask to cover your face so that you don’t get harmed by infrared laser rays and also so that you don’t get detected by your neighbor. 

2. By Using LEDs

Next, we will discuss how LEDs can be used to turn off home security cameras. Turning off cameras with LED lights requires the same procedure as turning off cameras with laser lights. All you have to do is take an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light or simply a flashlight, direct it at the security camera lens for a couple of minutes, and soon the camera will be turned off. 

The drawback of using LEDs is that the LED or flashlight has to be powerful to be able to shut the camera off; otherwise, the light might fail to switch off the camera. Moreover, you need to hold the light steady and point it directly at the camera lens for a long time, and this might lead to pain in your arms! 

One tip to make this method successful is to ensure that while you’re pointing the flashlight at the target, there is no other external lighting present. The brighter and more powerful your flashlight/ LED light will be, the less time it will take to shut off the camera. 

3. By Using Spray Paints

As the third method to shut off security cameras, we have spray paints to block the camera lenses. This method requires a little extra effort from you because you have to be physically close to the camera, which might mean that you could also be potentially captured by the camera. 

All you have to do is spray on the camera lens and voila; it is blocked! But the catch here is that you have to break into your neighbor’s property and go near the camera and then directly spray at it. While this method might be banned as illegal in some countries, it is also unethical to crash into somebody else’s home. But if the security camera is on the street, then it will be pretty reachable by you, and you can easily put on a thick layer of spray paint on the camera lens.

Apart from spray paint, you can use any sticky and thick material to block off a home security camera. Materials such as peanut butter spread and even acrylic paints are great for blocking off security cameras. Pro tip: cover your face while spraying so that people don’t start suspecting you as the culprit.

4. By Using a Tape

The camera view can be obscured by sticking plastic electrical tape on the camera lens. The view won’t be completely blocked and it will only become grainy by sticking tape onto the camera. 

5. By Using Jammers

Jammers are the safest way to switch off security cameras. By knowing camera details such as working frequency and camera model, you will be able to stop the camera easily. 

All you have to do is buy a jammer that will disrupt the frequency on the camera and the camera will be blocked. However, jammers can only stop cameras that use wifi, as only cameras with network IP cam share recorded data.

6. By Cutting Off Wires

The final method is by cutting off wires. Usually, people are reluctant to use this method because it involves malicious destruction of property.

Cutting off wires is dangerous and can even cost your life. People can even see you, and that can land you in great trouble, especially if your country has strict laws regarding privacy breaches and property theft. However, if you cut the wires in a secretive and less destructive manner, you might be able to get away with it.  Wired home security cameras have coaxial or ethernet cables attached to them. By simply cutting off these cables, you can stop the security camera. This method is safer as compared to cutting off power cables that supply power to the security cameras.  However, some people are clever enough and protect their camera wires by running them through a soffit. Thus, you must be good at cutting wires if you are going for that method. 

All in all, the above 6 points mentioned are effective in turning off surveillance cameras that are spying on you! We have explained each point in detail so you can benefit from these anytime you feel like someone’s eye is following you.

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