Are Home Security Cameras Worth It?

Have you ever heard of home security cameras? Are home security cameras worth it? Are they good at doing the job? In this article, we will be answering all these questions that you have regarding home security cameras

What are Home Security Cameras?

Security cameras have been put in more and more homes during the past several years. That’s because there are more security lapses and more homeowners are worried about their safety and possessions than ever. According to studies, the main reasons why homeowners install home security cameras are to prevent jewelry, cash, and property theft. Apart from that, some people also use security cameras to spy on their neighbors, which is unethical, but sadly people do it. Sometimes, people hire babysitters or maids for their homes, and they need to check if they are not engaging in thievery or any malicious activities; for these reasons, too people buy security cameras. 

Down below, we will be explaining in detail why security cameras are worth it, so stay tuned and walk through the end of this article to enlighten yourself about why security cameras are useful! 

They Offer Protection Against Fake People

Nowadays, many people are caught catfishing by dressing up as impostors and showing off a fake attitude. For example, the new maid that you hired might be a thief who has eyes on your diamonds and came to your house to steal those! With security cameras, you can have your eyes on her and monitor her if she engages in any unethical activity! Whether you live in a small town or an urban city, there are fake people all around who may have harmful intentions toward you. Even strangers appearing on your doorstep out of nowhere freaks you out sometimes. Thus, to make you feel safe, these security cameras are a great asset with which you can monitor your house 24/7! 

Avoid Burglary In Your Absence

A study from Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation told found that around 80% of robbers look for home security cameras before breaking into somebody’s house. Therefore, having visible security cameras installed in your homes reduces the chances that a robber might break into your house to rob stuff. 

Apart from security cameras, security alarms are a great way to deter robbers and thieves. A great majority of burglars flee when they see a house having security cameras and alarms installed. Some home security cameras can record 24/7 for months. These cameras also can lock doors automatically and call the police so that the relevant authorities are notified as soon as possible, and the thieves are caught and jailed. Moreover, if you have security cameras installed but robbery still happens, you can always view the footage that your home security camera recorded and then store it on a local disk or cloud. By viewing the footage, you can see the faces of robbers who broke into the house and then involved the police in investigating the burglars! 

Saves You From Emergency Situations! 

Burglaries aren’t the only thing that poses a risk to our homes. There can be other emergencies like trees can fall, water pipes can burst, gas leakage can happen, or worse, fire spreading around the house. To monitor all these happenings to save the house before it is too late, we recommend having security cameras installed in the risky areas of the house. 

It is, of course, highly possible that you can’t reach the house before the damage is done, but installing a home security camera is a preventative measure that will help in preventing all hell-breaking losses! 

Other than that, home security cameras can also record gas leakages and flooding. Thus, you can have a look at the recordings to know what is wrong with the house! Even if you are hundred of miles away, you can use the app on your mobile phone to see what’s happening inside your house. 

Saves You From Home Insurance Costs

Many home insurance companies these days lower the costs of insurance if you have a proper home security system installed in your home. Insurance companies lower the costs because they know that these security systems are reliable enough to detect burglaries and also deter robbers and thieves from breaking into your homes!  Moreover, insurance companies are also aware that these security cameras and alarms are great at detecting smoke and gas leakages, which ends up saving the costs of the insurance companies. Eventually, insurance companies lower the cost to around 20% because home security systems and cameras do the job effectively! 

Saves Your Families

Apart from that, security systems are a great way to save your loved ones from being scammed or kidnapped. As mentioned earlier that hiring new maids, nannies, and babysitters requires a bit leap of faith as you are trusting strangers with your babies; however, with the introduction of home security cameras now, you can monitor your house helps to know if you can trust them with your kids.

However, you need to know that you can’t monitor every place in the house; you have to leave bathrooms and the house help’s room because those spaces are private. But other than that, monitoring the rest of the house is legal. 

Apart from doing live recordings, security cameras also can record and save the previous recordings; thus, you can always go back and see recordings if you suspect any malicious activity by the househelp happening or if you want to see how they took care of your kid while you were thousands of miles away! 

It is also good to let the househelp know that they are being recorded because of safety reasons. This way, you can develop a level of trust and understanding with the care personnel. 

Helps in Detecting Stolen Packages 

Do you order stuff online and then get packages delivered to your doorstep? Does a friend or relative courier you some essential stuff? If yes, then these parcels are also prone to be stolen by thieves. To make sure your parcels don’t get stolen, you might want to monitor your doorstep with a security camera. And even if your parcels do get stolen, with the help of the security camera, you can use the recordings to detect the culprit! 

Thus, these cameras are a great way to deter thieves from stealing your parcels! 

For Your Ageing Parents

If your parents are old and you are worried that they might fall in the washroom or at home or they might get into some trouble, then security cameras are your best friends! If you travel to work far from home, but your parents require surveillance, you can use the security camera app to see your parent’s situation and ensure they are safe. With the help of these cameras, you can immediately send help to your parents if they need it. It is indeed a great way to keep a check on them at all times while you’re away.

All in all, home security cameras are worth it because they offer numerous benefits which surpass their costs! They are a great source of protecting your loved ones, your house, and your money so you can always be at peace! Moreover, they also cut down insurance costs, which saves you some bucks! 

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