How to Improve Your Door Security?

We spend a lot of time and money in installing the best home surveillance systems to protect our homes. But the best of these systems can also be at risk if your doors and windows are not secured properly. First and foremost, you should focus on door security measures that can increase the level of security of your house. In the absence of this, an intruder can enter your home and tamper with the surveillance system.


Understand the quality of material used in their construction. Solid wood doors are better than timber or any other quality of wood. Metal doors are preferable. Once you are sure that the door is of good material, inspect the overall condition of your doors and make sure that they are in good condition.


Any small crack or break in the door should be repaired immediately. Harsh weather conditions can play havoc with the outside doors and we ignore this fact many times. Reinforce the weak part of your door. Another important aspect is the inspection of your door hinges. If they are fitted on the outside, they are a trat for burglars as they can be easily knocked off. Make sure that they are fitted inside.

A good door lock can make a lot of difference to the overall door security. You can invest in simple mechanical locks that can be operated with a key or you can go for digital locks that are operated with remote control. A deadbolt lock is preferable in mechanical locks.

Locks that do not need keys or remotes are also good. These can be operated with codes that can be shared only with family members. Door locks with fingerprint identification are also available in the market but they are quite expensive and can be used in highly sensitive areas only.


After you have finalized on the lock for your door, consider reinforcing the same. This is particularly true of mechanical locks. You must make sure that these are reinforced with additional bolts and screws. Secure the jamb of your door properly with strike plates. Again you must use good screws that can go deep into the door and can keep the door tight.

You can also make your door kick-proof by investing in strike-reinforcers that can be installed from the inside. These are installed vertically behind the door and make your door kick-proof. Strike plates and reinforcements should also be inspected regularly to see if they are bent or worn down at any place and must be replaced as soon as the need arises.


You can enhance the overall security of your door by installing door alarms and CCTV cameras. These are the next steps and should follow the reinforcement step in securing your door.

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