What About Alarm Systems? Here Is Overview

Just as an alarm clock will indicate to you that it’s time to wake up but will not ensure that you actually get out of bed, alarm systems will alert you to the fact that something is wrong but will do nothing to prevent the event from occurring. The point of an alarm system is simply to make you aware so that you can take action.



Perimeter: The perimeter is defined by the boundary of the protected property. For example, the perimeter of your home would be your front gate, the doors, and windows. So the devices used to protect the perimeter would ensure that all probable points of entry are protected from unauthorized access. So if someone tries to force their way through the kitchen window by breaking it or sneak through the side door by jimmying the lock with a credit card, the alarm will raise hell until someone disarms it or enters an authorization code.

Interior: The interior, as the name suggests, is the inside of the protected property. Alarms for indoor business and home security usually include infrared detectors or stress sensors. The former will pick up on readings of significant infrared energy in an unoccupied room. The latter is usually placed under a floor mat or rug in an area that generally needs to be passed over to get to an object of value.

Curious pets or kids can sometimes trigger false alarms. So ask a security consultant or salesperson if there are any alarms with settings that could counter them. If not, you may just have to prevent the kids and cat from venturing into protected areas once the alarm system is activated.

CCTV cameras are a type of alarm system that is used indoors and outdoors. They are a useful addition to an existing alarm system. In fact, most CCTV systems today are sold as full-fledged security systems with all the features you need to protect your home or business.

A fire alarm is a common alarm system used in most homes and all businesses. In addition to raising an alarm in case of a fire, the alarm will also alert the local fire department so that no time is wasted and the fire can be contained as quickly as possible. This is also an option in case of burglar alarms, but these alert the police department instead. It is normal for a victim to ‘freeze’ in case of a robbery or a fire or to experience some kind of mental trauma. Today’s systems ensure that help is on the way when you need it.

While alarm systems do not prevent crimes from being committed or fires from starting, they do give you some peace of mind. If you have done your research and have installed a reliable alarm system, you can quite literally sit back and relax, assured that until the bells go off there is nothing to worry about.


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